The Anti-Hormone Guide To Birth Control

There are tons of birth-control options out there. They run the gamut from hormonal (the pill, NuvaRing) to as natural and non-hormonal as can be (withdrawal; Natural Family Planning). It may seem, at times, like hormonal methods are the ones hogging the most media buzz. But nowadays, more and more women are choosing to go in the other direction. In light of the recent lawsuits against the manufacturer of NuvaRing, the low-but-present risk of serious complications with hormonal birth control is in the news.
If you find yourself questioning what lies on the other side of the hormonal divide, we've done the research for you. With the help of some experts, we investigated the best contraceptive choices out there for women who want their birth control without the hormones, if you please. Ahead, take a peek at everything from diaphragms to the pullout method. And learn which — if any — of these options might work best for you.

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