18 Political Instagrammers You Should Follow, ASAP

It's a well-documented fact that political types love Instagram. For politicians, it lets them connect with supporters, prove their "everyman" status, and break news on their own terms. For political journos, a few well-chosen selfies and behind-the-scenes snaps can humanize them while simultaneously confirming their insider status.
As for us, we love the beautiful union of Insta, politicians, and news reporters because it proves that time-honored theory "they're just like us!" Posing with Kristen Bell for a selfie? Who wouldn't do that? Showing off a deep-fried turkey on Thanksgiving? Obviously. If you're intrigued, you should be. Click through for the coolest, most inspiring, and even slightly ridiculous snaps from our favorite national power players.
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Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/Tulsi Gabbard.
Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard
By far one of the coolest Insta feeds, Gabbard's is full of snaps of Hawaiian beaches, candid family moments, and outings with fellow pols. Clearly a fitness buff, Gabbard routinely shares pics from yoga sessions, hiking trips, muay thai classes, and even the occasional capoeira-related #tbt.
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Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/John Boehner.
Speaker of the House John Boehner
Boehner has clearly harnessed the power of nostalgia, judging by the number of throwback pics in his feed. Check him out as a high school football player; on a school trip to D.C. (in a sweet plaid blazer); and in a circa-1950s family portrait. He's also not afraid of a little sappiness, either — he posted a lovely portrait of his wife of 40 years on her birthday.
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Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/Chris Christie.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
With lots of rumors about a 2016 presidential run, Christie's Insta is bound to get more exciting over the next two years. For now, he posts lots of adorable family pics, celeb encounters (think Shaq and Michael J. Fox), and scenes from the governor's seat.
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Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/Michelle Obama.
First Lady Michelle Obama
The first lady's Insta feed is straight-up eye candy. Expect inside peeks of the White House, cute pics of pups Bo and Sandy, and nostalgic snaps of her early days with husband Barack. Any photo signed "-mo" is posted by MObama herself, and while they're rare, they're always good.
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Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/Rahm Emanuel.
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel
Emanuel brilliantly combines Instagram-worthy moments (think meetings with Hillary Clinton and Google Glass try-ons) with the perfect filters. (Seriously, he's a pro at filtering.) The occasional artsy shot of bikes, Christmas trees, and meetings with constituents makes this feed a definite follow.
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Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/David Gregory.
Meet the Press host David Gregory
It's safe to say that no one has mastered the selfie quite as well as the host of Meet the Press. He's posed for snapshots with the likes of Kristen Bell, Spike Lee, Andy Roddick, Katie Couric, and Al Sharpton. It's nothing short of amazing.
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Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/Katie Couric.
Katie host Katie Couric
If you need a "what am I doing with my life?" revelation, look no further than media wonder woman Couric's Insta feed. She documents behind-the-scenes highlights from her show and moments in her personal life that range from glamorous (cuddling with Seth Meyers at a mag party) to girl-next-door (her neighborhood barista serving up her morning java).
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Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/George W. Bush.
Former President George W. Bush
It shouldn't come as a surprise, given his artistic talents, but GWB has quite the eye for composition. He posts a mix of down-to-earth photos of his Texas stomping grounds and adorable family photos, like this double-tap-worthy snapshot of an astronaut-mouse baby.
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Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/Savannah Guthrie.
TODAY co-anchor and NBC News chief legal correspondent Savannah Guthrie
Follow the reliably perky Today cohost for selfies with the likes of Diane von Furstenberg and artsy shots of cocktails, flowers, and food. We like the fact that she hasn't deleted her circa-2011 "figuring out Instagram" snaps — like all the rest of us did.
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Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/John McCain.
Arizona Senator John McCain
It's true: McCain's feed is genuinely interesting. Tune in for candid family moments — including a flurry of snaps from his son Jack's wedding — and beautiful shots of Arizona landscapes.
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Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/Gabby Giffords.
Former congresswoman Gabby Giffords
After leaving Congress in 2012 to focus on recovering from the 2011 shooting that nearly claimed her life, Giffords formed a PAC devoted to promoting responsible gun ownership. Her Instagram account is a visual diary of her advocacy work and personal life, from meetings with other inspirational figures to everyday moments with her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly.
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Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/Kevin McCarthy.
House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy
Three facts to know about McCarthy's feed: He posts a lot of pics of his Australian shepherd, who has an Instagram account, too. Like you, he can't resist a good "from the plane window" snap. And, he posted a pic with Kevin Spacey, who plays — you guessed it — the House Majority Whip on House of Cards. Meta!
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Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/Mika Brezinski.
Morning Joe cohost Mika Brezinski
So, the platinum-haired morning news anchor might be the only person on this list who gives David Gregory a run for his money when it comes to selfies. She's snapped pics of herself with Samantha Bee, SJP, Joanna Coles, and Joan Rivers, just to name a few.
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Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/George Stephanopoulos.
This Week host George Stephanopoulos
ABC's chief political correspondent is new to Insta, with only 10 posts so far — but he's quickly racked up nearly 26K followers. This is another feed to follow as election season heats up.
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Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/Bobby Jindal.
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal
Another newbie to the platform, Jindal only has nine posts to date — but two of them involve Duck Dynasty, one of them shows his wife at the firing range, and one is a precious #tbt of a tiny Jindal in '70s plaid pants. He's definitely off to a good start.
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Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/Arianna Huffington.
Huffington Post Media Group editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington
The media empress never met a quote-emblazoned pic she didn't like. But, we'll overlook that in exchange for snapshots that capture her day-to-day life at HuffPo, plus the occasional peek into her world as a mom.
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Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/Cory Booker.
New Jersey Senator Cory Booker
Booker and his team use the medium for everything it's worth, uploading press clips, video responses to questions from constituents, and lots of pics of Booker at work. We're predicting #Booker2016 will be making the rounds soon.
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Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/Steny Hoyer.
House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer
The Maryland congressman has a surprisingly active Insta feed, full of glamour shots of the Capitol building and probably a few too many snaps of Hoyer waiting to be interviewed on camera. But, then you get a gem like this shot of him with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and it's all worth it.

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