Beyoncé Is Trolling With Her Veganism, Pizza, & Cow Outfits

wenn20913824Photo: STS/
Alright, Beyoncé, it's cute that you and your hubby are going vegan for a month. But, like, isn't veganism a lifestyle as opposed to a diet? Like, if you're going to commit yourself to being vegan, doesn't that mean you nix all things non-vegan? One diet sans animal products does not a vegan make, honey.
They say you can't have your cake and eat it, too, but that just ain't the way it goes in Beyoncé's world. She can swear off pizza all she wants, but if she can't eat it — gosh darn it! — she'll wear it. And, did Bey ever wear it: pizza pants and a pizza crop top. Cravings? Ha! What are those when you can get your fix sartorially?

What really doesn't make sense, and is perhaps the pop diva's biggest trolling moment of late, is her proclivity to fur and animal hides. A graphic, printed non-vegan item is one thing, but we're pretty certain wearing animal products (leather included) is a big no-no in the
Living Vegan For Dummies
handbook. We're surprised not more people were sounding the alarm when a fur graced Queen Bey's neck. Hey, maybe she was in a hurry and that stole was the closest thing she could grab before she rushed out of the house. We really can't cast the same shadow of a doubt on the cowhide top, though.

Two points for staving off the wintry cold; zero points for the vegan lifestyle. Oh well, T-minus 17 days until her diet is over. T-minus 18 days until she'll (hopefully) release her cover of Mary Kate & Ashley's "Gimme Pizza" as an ode to her spiritual, epicurean awakening.