Just Your Type: Helvetica, The Perfume

The ultimate modernist fragrance. Total minimalist freedom. The purity of air. The most essential of all essences. Of what? Of you. This is Helvetica, the perfume that smells like absolutely nothing, and proudly so. It's the most sterile of surgical whites, the perfect palette cleanser, and of course the embodiment of all things the iconic spartan font represents. It's just like...water. Intrigued? Before you get out your credit card, just know that's exactly what it is: good old H20.
Invented by creative collective Guts and Glory, Helvetica is a spoof, but a pretty good one. In turning empty hype into a subversive product itself, "caveat emptor" takes on a whole new meaning. That doesn't mean we're quite ready to drop $62 on the bottle just to lay claim to the fragrance equivalent of vaporware. We'll just admire the packaging and sardonic Twitter instead. (AdWeek)

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