From Zappos To Obama, A Definitive Ranking Of Kanye’s Beef In 2013

We finally understand why Kanye West released Yeezus without doing a single promotional interview in the lead up to the record’s release. He was saving it. For right now. As the Yeezus Tour winds down, the usually press-shy West has been everywhere, with turnt up appearances on daytime talk shows, radio stations, and in print mags. And, boy, has it been fun to watch.
Clearly, the thing Kanye is most interested in discussing is all of those who stand in his way of becoming the next Google, Walt Disney, Nike, Steve Jobs, etc. West has made it very clear that his only goal is to create and innovate. And, while his focus is on product, clothes, education, infrastructure, and probably wallpaper, he shouldn’t ignore what may ultimately go down as his greatest innovation of all: rap beefs. After two straight weeks of firing shots at the establishment, at those that have stifled his ability to change the world, Kanye has proved that traditional rap beefs are so last week. You hear that, LL Cool J vs. Canibus? Y’all are DONE. So, in honor of Yeezy once again changing the game, here’s a roundup of the year in Kanye rap beefs.

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