Lorde Goes Teen Goth (But Not In The Hot Topic Way)

rexusa_1827780h600x900Photo: MediaPunch Inc/REX USA.
When you were 17 years old, chances are you dabbled with a goth phase. From emo kid to full-on metalhead, your version of this trend was probably one of your first times really playing around with a wardrobe to create a persona — though, if you're like us, the memories are likely mixed. As an average adolescent goth, your daily outfits possibly consisted of thrift-shop treasures, Halloween-surplus-store accessories, and the occasional mall-found supplement. Of course, Lorde is not your typical teenager, and her take on goth is more Givenchy than Hot Topic.
In an elbow-length, crew-neck gown that grazed the floor, her Ellery dress was both modern and old-school (like, Victorian-age old-school). And, with a swipe of dark lipstick, a severe side part, and simple silver cuffs worn Wonder Woman-style, the singer's outfit was an exercise in minimalism. Plus, with all the prom-type attire at the 27th annual ARIA Awards (mermaid hems, bustier bodices, matchy-matchy accessories, and school-dance-like silhouettes abounded), Lorde's black ensemble definitely stood out. It's certainly something to think about as you ready your party wardrobe for the coming months — but leave the dog collar at home this time.

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