Oprah, Lena Dunham, & Heidi Klum Are Enjoying The Best Thanksgiving Leftovers

You weren't the only one showing off photos of your homemade pumpkin pie and Aunt Susan's perfect turkey on Facebook and Instagram yesterday. There was no shortage of celebs sharing pics of their Thanksgiving celebrations with their fans. But, who had the best recipes? It's no surprise that Oprah is definitely in the running with her homemade All-American side dish. The Kardashian/Jenner clan served an over-the-top holiday menu just as you'd expect. Of course, there's always a surprise or two. Who knew Heidi Klum was such a whiz in the kitchen? Is she destined to be the next domestic goddess, à la Gwyneth?
Before you dig into your own leftovers tonight, check out our slideshow of celebrity Thanksgiving meals and see how your own festivities compared.

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