Can We Blame Our Sexless Lives On Smart Phones?

irl-1Illustrated by Gabriela Alford.
The thought-provoking findings from the recent National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal) provides us with some great insight into our sex lives. One worrisome revelation: We’re getting busy far less than we used to — in fact, just three times a month on average. Shocking, right?
But, even more depressing is the revelation that our technological addictions could be to blame for our sex-starved lifestyles. Damn you, iPhone 5! Professor Kaye Wellings of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine tells The Daily Telegraph, "People [are] taking laptops to bed, iPads, the fact work comes into our home now — there's no strict divide." So, that bedroom office isn’t such a good idea, after all.
Speaking of the disruption technology causes at home, Wellings goes on to say that these gadgets are to blame for the "blurring of the line...between the bedroom and outside." She’s got a point, but are our smartphones really the cause of our sexless lives?
Michael Kallenbach, a relationship therapist, seems to think otherwise. "The fact that these days everyone is either on some sort of mobile or computer device has meant that there have been distractions but, sex can take place at any time of the day or night — there doesn’t have to be a prescribed time for it to happen,” he tells The Huffington Post. We can't argue with that.
We may be a generation of technophiles, constantly glued to our clever contraptions, but a lack of sex, especially in a long-term relationship, may be an indicator of more deep-seated issues. Rather than screaming at your partner’s Samsung S4, how about a civilized chat over coffee? (The Huffington Post)

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