Batkid Takes Over S.F. And It’s Adorable Beyond Words

If there’s only one thing you should read today, let it be the heartfelt story of S.F. transforming into Gotham City for one day, all in an effort to make a little boy’s biggest wishes come true.
Thanks to over 11,000 volunteers, San Francisco turned into a giant crime-fighting zone for five-year-old Miles a.k.a. Batkid, who’s been struggling with Leukemia since he was just 20 months old (luckily, he is currently in remission). Today, city officials, Make-A-Wish Foundation workers, and citizens all over the 7x7 rooted him along on his itinerary that ranged from hopping in a real-life Batmobile to saving a damsel in distress and fighting off the Penguin.
Naturally, the entire city has been bowled over by this warming initiative and everyone from the San Francisco Chronicle to Buzzfeed to even President Obama have been documenting the day. If you’re ready to see some the cutest snaps of Batkid's escapades thus far, click away. We’re warning you though, have a box of Kleenex handy.

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