Ylvis’ Terrifying Ikea Prank Is NOT Okay

Forget about anything the fox may or may not be saying. The latest from the Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis is your new must-watch. Their antics of choice? The pair set up unwitting couples shopping at Ikea for a pretty hilarious practical joke: By moving things around and blocking doorways when shoppers weren't looking, Ylvis convinced these innocents that they were actually trapped in the tiny model apartments, or had somehow lost track of the entrance. And, it only gets more confusing from there.
While some silly background music lends a sense of harmlessness, the truth is, being stuck without an exit plan is one the scariest things that could happen. Imagine being trapped in furniture limbo, surrounded by menacing Novosnordjëns and Blärs, or whatever. Wandering the halls aimlessly, abandoned by your family, with only your fur coat to comfort you? Wait a second. This is starting to sound familiar... (Gizmodo)

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