Is Kate Middleton Secretly An American Girl Doll? We Investigate.

kate-middleton-samanthaPhoto: Rex USA.
We've gotta send major thanks to The Huffington Post for pointing out the obvious similarities between the always prim Kate Middleton and Samantha Parkington of American Girl Doll fame. We simply can't believe we'd never noticed the resemblance before. Impossibly perfect curls. Starched tartan dresses. Felt berets. We bet if you looked in the duchess' bedroom, you'd even find a brass-plated, four-poster bed and a flowing, white gown trimmed with lace and pink ribbons ("fit for a sugar plum fairy!").
Not convinced? Click through to The Huffington Post to play a little game of "Who Wore It Best?" Though, we must admit that choosing between such equally well-clad style "icons" is quite the struggle. (HuffPost Style)

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