10 Movies We Once Loved — Until We Realized They Were Bad

Some things refine themselves with age: certain cheeses, wine, Helen Mirren. But, not everything matures so gracefully. As we enter awards season, it feels like we end up talking about the "year's best" productions, and chatter centers around three or four top films. But, every now and again, certain cinematic creations are only beloved because our collective consciousness deems them so — or the hype around it felt like any criticism was unwarranted. Yet, certain big hits, ones that got A+ grades by audiences, critics, and award shows, wither when subjected to the passing of time.
Look, many people might not agree with this list, because a lot of these films are loved. Some even won awards. A few are staples on DVD shelves everywhere. But, whether fans like it or not, age hasn't been kind to these movies, which doesn't quite cut it in our critical eye in 2013. Hey, one day we will look back on Gravity or The Hunger Games and think each is rubbish. So, feel free to protest, but, hey — we're just callin' it as we see it.
(Spoiler: Titanic is not on this list. We love Titanic. Kate Winslet's dresses are still amazing.)

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