Why This New Nude Style Is Such A Head-Scratcher

jaimie-alexanderPhoto: REX USA/Picture Perfect.
When we first spotted Jaimie Alexander on the red carpet for Thor: The Dark World last week, we saw, well, a wee bit more of her than we'd originally expected. Yes, we did double and triple takes trying to get a better idea of what we were looking at — a knockout number that just covered up her seriously toned birthday suit. And, love it or hate it, Alexander left quite an impression. However, calling the long-sleeved, floor-length dress "strangely sexless," The Cut went on to find other bewildering, provocative looks that may be just as confusing for the wearers as they are for the spectators.
The blog rounded up five famous examples — Gwyn's peeking-bootie dress and J.Lo's naval-grazing Versace included — for a better understanding of the trend. Is this kind of nearly naked style a new type of power dressing? How can we actually pull off what's seemingly "whole body cleavage"? And, is underwear simply becoming obsolete? Click over to see how The Cut breaks it down. (The Cut)

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