Why Can’t Professional Women Be Fashionable Without Derision?

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From Michelle Obama’s Vogue cover to Samantha Cameron plum front-row seating at LFW, well-dressed female politicians and first ladies haven’t been in short supply. But, the latest comparison between Cara Delevingne and Conservative Home Secretary, Theresa May, is a bit of a stretch.

Daily Mail

recently ran a seemingly irreverent article documenting the many recent, similar outfits May and Delevingne have been spotted in. From statement coats and plaid trouser suits to over-the-knee boots, it appears that the politician's appreciation for fashion rivals that of the model's. While we understand that this feature is a lighthearted look at two individuals at the top of their respective games, we were left puzzled. Why was the conservative MP’s personal style being compared the world’s most popular runway model in the first place? Can't professional women enjoy fashion without being ridiculed?

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Embracing fashion isn’t just for the young, or exclusive to just one industry. And, while we’re certain the U.K.’s Home Secretary has faced far worse accusations in her illustrious career, her acceptance speech for Politician of the Year at the Spectator’s award ceremony made us smile: “This is the second good thing that's happened to me today because this morning, the Daily Mail asked: ‘Is Theresa May the new Cara Delevingne?’ For those of you who don't know, she is 21, a supermodel, and one of the most beautiful in the world, so I think we can safely say that the answer to that has to be filed by John Rentoul as a question to which the answer is no.” We applaud May for her pithy answer. She got the joke, but she wasn’t playing ball.
Do you think May’s comparison to Cara D was fair? Let us know in the comments below! (The Telegraph)

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