Over 50 Walmart Protestors Arrested In Chinatown

embedPhoto: Via Facebook/Walmart
While most of us walk out of a Walmart with a pint of Häagen-Dazs and a box of tampons, 54 protesters left in handcuffs at L.A.’s Chinatown Wally World last night. A total of 500 employees from around the state have been picketing outside of the retail giant demanding a fair wage of at least $25,000 annually. But, when their permit expired last night, many refused to leave the premises, and were consequently forced to by the police.
The ring of arrests marks the chain’s largest civil disobedience in its history, and if that’s not enough to wake those CEOS up, we don’t know what will. One protestor told the Huffington Post that he expects to make a paltry $12,000 this year, and at times, will resort to selling his blood plasma (yikes!) and participating in clinical trials to make ends meet. We’ll be here hoping that Walmart ditches its Scrooge attitude and starts taking the "live better" part of its slogan seriously, by paying its employees enough to get by, and then some. (Huffington Post)