Could Victoria Beckham Be Joining Girls?

rexusa_1814746fPhoto: Richard Young / REX USA.
Word on the street (or, the Evening Standard) reveals that Victoria Beckham is keen to appear on the HBO comedy series Girls. A source is quoted as saying: “Victoria said she would love a cameo in the next season. Lena said she would love that and work on creating a suitable role — most likely, Vic playing herself." Judging from her past acting endeavours (Spice World: The Movie, anyone?) we are certain she is more than capable of rising to the challenge.
We’re curious to know how, and why, this came about. Honestly, this isn’t the first TV show we would have thought the former pop singer and sartorial superstar would favour. The source suggests that it is all down to her L.A. BFF, Eva Longoria. "Victoria told Lena how she and David are huge fans of the show, which her pal Eva Longoria urged her to watch. Vic said they loved how down-to-earth and the real comedy-drama was. She even said she wants Harper to watch when she's old enough, to get a more 'all-round education and perspective' of girls and their trials and tribulations." The source also revealed that Dunham suggested that Beckham, “give her a makeover. Lena believes Victoria can upgrade her style."
While neither have publicly acknowledged this rumour, VB did take the time last month to tweet her delight at meeting Dunham at the CFDA fashion fund party in L.A. Crossing all our fingers and toes that this little rumour turns out to be true — or a least evolve into a beautiful (fashion) friendship. (The Evening Standard)

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