Editta Sherman, The Duchess Of Carnegie Hall, Passes Away At 101

Editta Sherman, photographer to the stars and infamous dweller of the old residences in Carnegie Hall, passed away Friday, at her Manhattan home. She was 101. The fashion icon was best known for shooting New York notables and Hollywood greats like Henry Fonda, Cary Grant, and Andy Warhol, and more recent collaborations with Tilda Swinton and New York Times photog Bill Cunningham (a former Carnegie Hall neighbor).
Sherman was lovingly called the Duchess of Carnegie Hall. She lived for more than 60 years in a penthouse studio above the famed music venue, which granted her access to a unique artistic community. An appearance in the award-winning documentary Bill Cunningham New York brought the beloved artist back into the public spotlight, as did her passionate battle to protect the Bohemian stronghold. She lost her fight and was forced to move in 2010.
Growing up in Philadelphia, PA, with a portrait photographer for a father, Sherman already knew her way around a dark room by the age of 10. She began shooting professionally in the '40s on a wooden 8-by-10 Kodak camera. Her portraits are famous for being highly stylized and incorporate high contrast to evoke the sitter's mood and character. Sherman was a bright light in the art world — and a true New York City legend. She leaves behind a incomparable body of work that will be adored for years to come. (The New York Times)
embedSHERMAN1-obit-articleLargePhoto: Via The New York Times.