Katie Holmes And Fifty Shades Of Grey: An Unlikely Duo

rexusa_1771979mPhoto: MediaPunch Inc/REX USA.
You probably thought you'd escape this week without some sort of Fifty Shades of Grey headline. Well, the movie that could-be is still ruminating somewhere between the back burner and front, and that means speculation is still widespread.
Today's rumor — something we're going to dub a shade of grey — is about Katie Holmes. Apparently, she wants to play Christian Grey's ex-lady friend Elena Lincoln. The National Enquirer reports it spoke to a source who says, "She’s looking at this as the role of a lifetime for her." They then go on to explain how the actress is looking to reinvent and revive her career. "It will shock a lot of people but she thinks Hollywood will sit up and take notice." Considering the source, this should all be taken with a lil' pinch of salt.
However, everything about this movie — no matter the source — should be treated that way. Honestly, there's so much hype around the entire casting that some greedy Hollywood bigwig has enough material to write a Road To Fifty Shades-esque documentary. Or, at the very least, an extremely poignant, pop culture long read á la Stephen Rodrick's "How To Catch A Falling Star".
Your guess as to whether Holmes will land the role is as good as ours. It certainly would be an incredible film to add to her résumé. But, let's give it a few days before we jump to any more conclusions. (Metro)

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