10 Questions We'd Like To Ask Karl Lagerfeld

karlembedPhoto: RexUSA/Rex.
Guys, Jessica Chastain is in need of your help. She's preparing to interview the one and only Karl Lagerfeld in a mere few days' time for an event at Lincoln Center benefitting Julliard and other performing arts programs. But, what should she ask? As a sweet, darling young thing, does she have what it takes to ask the hard questions? She's currently looking for suggestions on her Facebook page, and even going so far as to actually respond in the comments. What a lovely girl.
We have a feeling she's going to do a great job — though we would direct her to review some of Fern Mallis' 92Y interviews, which have been both intriguing for the audience and flattering for the subjects. Until those two find time to sit down together, though, here are a few things we'd like to ask Mr. Lagerfeld: 1. Do you own any colored clothing?
2. How did your hair get so white? Is it secretly a wig?
3. What do your pajamas look like? Do you wear pajamas? Do you sleep?
4. How much money will you leave to Choupette in your will?
5. Will Kanye & Kim ever make it in high fashion?
6. Do you ever watch TV? What do you watch?
7. You have made a lot of questionable comments about women's weight in the past...as someone who has struggled with weight yourself, do you apply that level of scrutiny to your own life?
8. Have you ever actually played Grand Theft Auto IV?
9. At what point do you decide to apologize for something controversial?
10. Are you trolling us all?
What about you? Any burning questions?

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