20 Absurd Amazon Product Reviews

Originally intended to help consumers make more informed purchasing decisions, the Amazon customer review has been elevated to something of an art form and cultural phenomenon. Sure, you can look to the user-generated comments about a given product to find information like “true to fit” or “slightly hurt my toes when I wore them for pole dancing” (here’s looking at you, Lucite stilettos), but you can also find long, heroic tales of fighting dragons thanks to the aid of an everyday toothbrush.
Sometimes, customers will go out of their way to turn a product into a hilarious meme — just look at the Three Wolf Moon shirt or How to Avoid Huge Ships. Other times, an attempt to be sincere is inadvertently more humorous than the comment comedians who go out of their way to craft over-the-top hyperbole about a gallon of milk. Whether real or just trying really hard, these 20 over-the-top product reviews are proof that people can have strong opinions on just about anything.

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