Naked 3 Palette Pictures — We’ve Got Them!

naked-3-palettePhoto: Courtesy of Urban Decay.
We've been obsessively trolling the Urban Decay website ever since they released a video announcing the soon-to-come Naked 3, much to the alarm of our friends and loved ones. Well, today, our cyberstalking has paid off — big time. The brand has published official pictures of the Naked 3 palette, and it looks like all those "leaked" photos were the real deal. The Naked 3 will focus on "rose neutrals" and features a variety of shimmery, satin, and (hopefully) matte shades in the pinky-nude family.
We're a little bummed by the amount of shimmer in the palette — we were really hoping for something a bit more matte-focused — but this is still pretty great. We've been crushing on pinky nudes ever since we saw James Boehmer use rose gold to create the world's most flattering eyeshadow look at Creatures of the Wind a few seasons back. We can't wait to get our grubby mitts on this palette so we can start playing.
Urban Decay will be alerting people via email when it actually launches, so sign up to make sure you get the heads up — history has shown us that Naked palettes sell out in a hot second, and this looks like one you don't want to miss.
What do you think about a rose neutral Naked?
NakedUDPhoto: Via Reddit.
UPDATE: Looks like those rumors weren't just rumors. Urban Decay has released a video on its Facebook page teasing that the Naked 3 palette is indeed happening. There's not a lot of details in the video, other than to confirm "it's coming," but if you look closely at the text of the Naked 3 painted on the wall, it matches the supposedly leaked photos we found on Reddit of the palette. Study those pictures carefully, kids, because it looks like there's a chance they are indeed the colors of the new Naked. We'll keep you posted as we get more info.
We’ve been Urban Decay junkies for over 10 years now and have no interest in heading to rehab — even if the product hoarding is causing a major dent in our savings account. Can you blame us? The highly pigmented formulas? Those completely covetable Naked palettes? This love is REAL.
However, after poking around on Reddit last night, we are a little curious about the authenticity of — brace yourselves — a rumored Naked 3 palette. While the pictures have us ready to grab the nearest brand rep, shake them, and beg them to take our money, there’s still something that’s a little…off about the images.
Is it just our obsessed selves, or does it seem that multiple shadow pans from Naked 1 and Naked 2 could have been popped into here to create the appearance of a new palette? The shade “Dust” looks a helluva lot like our beloved highlight shade, "Sin," while what we hope reads “Blackheart” looks suspiciously like "Busted." Finally, the typeface below each pan just doesn’t look like the high quality we’re used to seeing from our beloved UD.
We reached out to Urban Decay for a comment, but have yet to receive a response. In the meantime, we’re keeping our guard up, but remain hopeful that there is a Naked 3 on its way into our addicted hands. (Reddit)
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Pay close attention towards the end of the video when the girls paint the Naked 3 on the wall. Doesn't that typeface look familiar? This makes us think that the Naked 3 palette on Reddit is at least real on the outside. What do you think?
What do you think: real or knockoff? And what would you want to see in a Naked 3 palette (we’re hoping for more mattes!)?

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