Tricked You! It’s Not A Painting, It’s A Real-Life Face

This striking image is both a trick and a treat: Take a closer look — though it may seem like the work of Photoshop, or you know, a twentieth-century pop artist, this is one Reddit user's actual face. (This is the part where you do a double take.) Still can't believe your eyes? Check out her eyes, teeth, and hair — when you "see" it, it's truly a sight to behold.
Granted, the line between beauty and art has been blurred before, but never to the point where we questioned if we were looking at a real human face or just an artist's rendering of one. She's nailed the crispness and layers of color, the dark accents — can you blame us for wishing she'd show up on our doorstep to re-create this for us before we hit the town tonight?
If you're itching to see more from this talented Redditor (we know we are!), then here comes an extra treat: Her submissions are a veritable goldmine of beauty tips, tutorials, and full-on makeup transformations — we may or may not be reserving our lunch hour to dig through her post history... (Reddit)
280x335photo: via reddit.

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