Dolce & Gabbana Gets Weird For The Holidays (& We Love It)

Whenever a brand unveils their holiday makeup collections, we expect to see the same line-up: red lips, metallic eyeshadows, and glitter nail polishes. All lovely things, mind you, but not exactly the most convention-busting makeup. Clearly, Dolce & Gabbana was feeling a little over the been-there-done-that holiday line-up because its soon-to-be-released launches are anything but ordinary.
The brand gave us an exclusive sneak peek at their version of holiday, and it is beautifully bonkers. Called Sicilian Jewels, the eight-piece line was directly inspired by the design duo's fall '13 runway collection and features lipstick and nail polishes modeled after rare gemstones — emerald, amethyst, topaz, and ruby. Yes, we're talking bright green, purple, gold, and red.
While jewel tones in makeup are nothing new, jewel tones for your lips are not an area that many designer beauty brands have traversed into. Oft seen as the territory of more fringe lines, it's refreshing to see a luxury brand like D&G embrace its weird side.
Out-of-the-box lipsticks have been picking up steam as a trend, so we'll be interested to see how everyone reacts. Somehow, we don't think the usual Dolce & Gabbana customer is going to be the one snapping these up, though.
Pat McGrath, Dolce & Gabbana's creative adviser, acknowledges that these hues might not be for everyone, but says she wishes more women would take a chance and try something off the beaten path. "I think they’re just fun colors to wear if you go out at night, and then you can just try those crazy blues and greens and that’s a fun thing," she told us. "It really encourages you to wear braver lip tones and to have fun with lipstick."
McGrath also revealed that she loves the Emerald shade in particular for its versatility. Yes, you read that right: Pat McGrath swears that opaque green lipstick is versatile. Okay, we'll bite... "For me, I basically keep it on the center of a red mouth, [blending it a bit to] make it more brown and do the whole ombré thing. And, I would definitely wear it on my eyes. I do love lipstick on my eyes — I love the cream color and I think it’s a very nice, rich tone. That, on your eyes, is going to be incredible."
Click through to see the whole collection in all its strange/beautiful glory.
Are you into these weird lipstick hues, or do you think jewel-tones should stay strictly on your eyes?

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