Neutral Eyeshadows That Don't Put Us To Sleep

Neutral eyeshadow — not exactly the most exciting topic we've ever covered (we'll leave Ball Cream with that honor), but an important subject to explore nonetheless. As much as we're inspired by the latest colorful makeup shades, if we're being totally honest, we all have that one, safe eyeshadow that we turn to again and again — like a favorite, flattering pair of jeans. But, just because an eyeshadow is more of an everyday workhorse than, say, the metallic teal in your makeup drawer, doesn't mean that it has to be boring.
To get the lowdown on which natural shadows deserve a permanent place in your makeup bag, we reached out to some of our lovely staffers to learn the shades that they rely on to (subtly) enhance their gaze. From shimmering golds and warm nudes to the perfect shade of highlighting white, these shadows are anything but ordinary — click through to peep our top picks!

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