Natalie Portman, Why So Serious?

1Photo: Courtesy of Elle UK, Marie Claire
By all accounts, Natalie Portman is a sweet, jolly, well-tempered lady. She's even got an adorable little baby boy and a dancer husband to keep her spirits up. So, when we saw the Fug Girls' latest posts about the actress' new magazine spreads, we were more than puzzled. For some reason, she's as forlorn as can be on the cover of both Marie Claire and Elle UK.
On the cover of Elle UK's November issue she's as glum as glum gets, despite the fact that she's wearing head-to-toe Versace — not to mention the fact that she was interviewed for the interior story by our man crush Tom Hiddleston. Last we checked, it's darn near impossible to not have a giant childish grin when you're around that guy. We get that constantly making the press rounds while trying to keep up with your toddler is exhausting, but c'mon girl it's Tom Hiddleston!

She brightened up a smidge for her turn with
Marie Claire
, but she still has a general air of unease. As the Fug Girls pointed out, it could be due to her consternation about the ultra-skimpy getup they have her in, but we're not hedging our bets just yet. Maybe Portman is just turning over a new, serious leaf, with no time for frivolities like smizing.

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