Vanessa Traina Launches Knockout E-Commerce & Storefront

emPhotographed by Courtesy of The Apartment.
The word "influencer" is tossed around quite a bit these days, but it truly is the only noun applicable to Vanessa Traina's esteemed position in the fashion field. And now, the stylist/brand ambassador/muse has "curator" and "e-commerce cofounder" to add to her already impressive resume. This week, Traina launched a two-pronged platform: The Line (a shop-able website) and The Apartment (the corresponding brick-and-mortar space) to much applause from fashion friends like Alexander Wang, Joseph Altuzarra, and Reed Krakoff who all came out to fête the opening.
What makes The Apartment unique as a store is that it's truly set up like, well, an apartment. There is a living room, a dining room, and a bedroom — all stocked with wares you can buy (though the fox blanket might run you in the $$$ range). And then there's the closet — chock-full of luxe basics courtesy of Vince and Protaganist, a new collection of tailored silk and wool pieces from designer Kate Wendelborn that's exclusive to The Line and in The Apartment. So, to recap: There's the line, "Protaganist," launching on "The Line," the website, which can also be found in "The Apartment," the store. Still with us?
Head on over to The Apartment for an in-person experience of all the high-end, Traina-approved goodness and get on board.
The Apartment, 76 Greene Street, third floor (at Spring Street); no phone yet.