We’re Left Speechless By Cara Delevingne’s Latest Tattoo

Can you have too much of a good thing? Is the question we ask ourselves as news has just reached us about Cara Delevingne latest ink. Yup, the supermodel has had the word "silence" inked across the inside of her wrist. She published this momentous event on her Instagram (where else?) with the phrase, "silence speaks when words can't."
What does it mean? This is the seventh tattoo that Delevingne has had since her first permanent motif in May and judging by the tats Delevingne has shown us, no two are the same and all of them have a special significance. Whether these tattoos will feel as special to the supermodel, and fledging actress, in five, even ten years time remains to be seen. From this writer's own experience the tattoos one amasses during one's teens and early twenties aren't necessarily the ones you are proudest of later. A friend's loving depiction of his favorite beach in India from his gap year travels just looks like something you'd see emblazoned across a beer bottle now, and the number of chums trying to figure how to hide badly drawn yin and yang symbols is laughable. Not that we are dissing Delevingne or our friends for their inky symbols, we just wonder where this is all going to lead to? Somehow we can't see Delevingne rocking a "sleeve" with the same swagger as David Beckham but, you never know. Actions really do speak louder than words. (Grazia)

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