Why Go Blue Or Green When You Can Do Both?

rexusa_1802044mPhoto: MediaPunch Inc/Rex USA.
There's hair color, and then there's hair color. Lil Mama's turquoise ombré clearly falls into the latter category. We're kind of obsessed with this "Why choose between blue or green hair when you can have both?" attitude, and really dig how well the color blends. So, what stops this look from being unbearably seapunk? It's all in the shape: Her sleek asymmetrical bob is one of fall's must-have cuts, and it's just the right amount of chic to make her dye job work for her instead of against her.
We also applaud her decision to wear bright pink lipstick. Might as well lean in all the way, right? Enough of our gushing, though. How do you feel? Just right, or a little too much for you?

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