Meet Lena Dunham’s 87-Year-Old Style Inspo

emPhoto: Via Elle.
Patterned button down shirts, frilly socks with keds, and, well, granny panties — these are the fashion items that come to mind when we think of Lena Dunham. And, while the HBO homegirl has been making her own personal style work for her both on Girls and on the red carpet, Dunham actually credits (at least partially) Bergdorf Goodman's famed personal shopper, 87-year-old Betty Halbreich, for her "continuing to be [her]self." You see, Halbreich's new memoir, Secrets of a Fashion Therapist: What You Can Learn Behind The Dressing Room Door is a soon-to-be HBO comedy series, thanks to Dunham and producing partner, Jenni Konner. So, when the two sat down for the New Yorker Festival for a style conversation moderated by New Yorker's Judith Thurman (Halbreich was also the subject of a profile for the magazine featuring her years in dressing the cream of the UES crop), inter-generational magic happened.
Halbreich's token advice rings true: "It doesn't really matter what you wear if you are confident, it is really how you walk through life." And it seems like Lena's adhering to that. She said, "I'm not interested in taking on the fashion world or taking them to task on their morals or if models are too skinny. I'm more interested in how to be myself — and maybe that's narcissistic." Narcissistic, maybe, but always one to be her toughest critic, too, Dunham also added that the bright blue eyeshadow she wore to the Emmy's was not her "finest hour." But her banter with Halbreich just might have been, and we can't wait to see how the series (and the chemistry between the two star ladies) will develop. (Elle)