Is This Charming Fella The Oldest Man On Instagram?

85-year-old Rex Redstone has only been on Instagram for a week, but he’s already amassed 4,388 followers. Yep, pretty popular. Why, you ask? Well, the Photography Blog claims that he’s the oldest Instagrammer in the U.K., which explains the onslaught of attention.
However, Rex isn’t looking to break any world records. “I want to share my photos from my life so they can keep on living,” the Instagramps explains.
The adorable OAP has been “overwhelmed” by the response from followers, which includes memories dating as far back as the 1920s. With a name as cool as Rex Redstone, it won’t surprise you to hear that our favourite images are of the main man himself. Rex was quite the dapper fella back in the day. Witness: Carefree Rex at the beach, Jazz band Rex, and a classic; dashing Rex in uniform. Modern-day Rex would like to encourage other seniors to share their memories on Instagram, and we couldn't agree more. Now tell us, is your grandparent this tech-savvy too? (Buzzfeed)

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