Read Lena Dunham’s Love Letter To Jack Antonoff

1Photo: BEImages/Gregory Pace
Well, color us smitten. While we may think of Lena Dunham as a queen of comedy (not to mention keeper of all things hipster), she's also half of one of Hollywood's cutest couples. And though she may not step out in public with boyfriend Jack Antonoff too often, when she does, it's all about the love. Don't believe us? Check out this love letter email she sent to Antonoff while on a trip to India last fall.
Dunham is sharing the correspondence as part of artist Miranda July's "We Think Alone" project, and we promise it will bring a tear to your eye. She addresses the email to her "Dearest baby," and goes on to describe a beautiful Indian garden she toured, and all of the things she witnessed on the trip. "I thought of you, like always," she wrote. "And I felt I could spend four days on a bench with you and it wouldn't be enough time to hear all the stories you have to tell. I literally want to know everything you have ever seen and what you felt like while you were seeing it. And I will be so much better my whole life for knowing those things."
Dunham also waxes poetic on the idea of writing in general, confiding to Antonoff that she's attempting to keep a successful journal for the first time. "Historically I have done really poorly with a journal," she wrote. "The idea of writing without an audience seemed futile at best and like a bad voice over on a cancelled ABC show at worst. But somehow my book makes every piece of writing feel as though it has an eventual home (maybe that's how your album feels?) and gives record-keeping a kind of fullness it never had before." Seriously, if this e-mail isn't the sign of a happy couple, we don't know what is. In fact, we have to admit that Dunham has inspired us to be a little more romantic in our own love lives. (People)