Naomi Campbell: "I'm Not Actually Very Confident"

Naomi Campbell's name conjures up a variety of different thoughts and ideas for most of us. But insecurity isn't one of them. However, that is in fact what the supermodel would have us believe. Campbell was in London last week to promote the launch of her show, The Face, and revealed to The Telegraph that she still gets nervous before a runway show: "I'm not actually very confident. I never want to be sure of myself, because I think if I get to that place, I'll never do another show."
But then, in the preview of the second episode of the fashion reality show, Campbell is seen to reduce one of the wannabe models she is mentoring to tears with the immortal phrase, "Every time I speak, you should have your notebook open." Now, that sounds like a person who is very sure of their abilities indeed.
The model also revealed that it was none other than Kate Moss who persuaded her to take the role as mentor on The Face as, "she always says she was my first pupil." Tune in tonight to see the first episode of the show on Sky Living and see for yourself if Ms. Campbell really is lacking in the confidence department. (The Telegraph)
Photo: Via The Telegraph.

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