A Male Model Tells It Like It Is (And Happens To Be Hilarious)

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Ryan Burns (male model and face of Ermenegildo Zegna's new Uomo fragrance) wants you to you know that he's more than really, really good-looking. In honor of the launch of the light and refreshing fragrance (seriously, it's so appealing that we not only want our men to wear it, we want to wear it ourselves), the looker decided to bare his soul — and his workout routine — to our prying minds. We could give you the gist, but it won't be as good as the real thing. So, read on to learn all about what it's like to be a male model.
We genuinely love this new fragrance — it smells totally un-cologne-y. What kind of a man do you see wearing it?
"I love the new fragrance, too! I feel like it's a strong, confident and a well-cultured man who would be wearing it — the word 'uomo' says it all. Someone like…me!"
What's it like to be the 'Uomo Man?'
"I've worked with Zegna and Estée Lauder for years now, so this shoot felt like a family vacation. I love Italy, and especially the island of Capri, where the Uomo shoot took place. There was never a dull moment on set. From driving a vintage Alfa Romeo thru the streets of Capri — which is insane, by the way — to spending a day at Casa Malaparte running up and down the stairs, it's such a beautiful place, and I will definitely go back."
What's your Fashion Month experience usually like? Any tips for keeping sane at this particularly crazy time of the year?
"Fashion Week is quite nerve-wracking. There's weeks of planning, a ton of stress, nerves, a lot of salad, and 30 seconds later, it's over. Then I can eat again. Or maybe that's just my experience?"
There's so much talk about the way women are portrayed in media, but not much regarding men. Do you feel like you're required to adhere to a certain standard of 'macho-ness' or male perfection as model?
"I don't think 'male model' and 'macho-ness' necessarily go together, but, you know...what am I doing 'thinking' in the first place, anyway? Male models don't think, right? No, but seriously, male perfection doesn't exist, so I don't really worry about that."
What is your grooming routine like? Is it tough to keep your hair, skin, and body up to model standards?
"My routine is whatever involves the least amount of work. I look like Tom Hanks in Castaway right now, but instead of a volleyball named Wilson as my trusty companion, I have a mirror. I just look into it and say things like, 'Don't let this be your career-ending pose,' and 'Never mind the 30 other people in the room looking at you naked, it's just you and me.'"
How do you stay in shape? Do you have any extreme measures to get in shape before a shoot, or do you maintain a healthy lifestyle year-round?
"1,500 sit-ups, 1,000 push-ups and 500 pull-ups before every shoot! Just kidding. Actually, I do stay very active, and I have a healthy diet year-round. When you're born and raised in California, you are taught from the beginning to go outside and play — but don't worry, I still found time beat Super Mario on Nintendo. Twice."
Do you have a 'blue steel look?' If so, what is it called?
"Oh, of course I have my own signature look. I call it 'The Deer in the Headlights.' I'm doing it right now, actually, and so is every other model...all day, every day."
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