Claire Danes’ Greatest Roles You Forgot About

We've loved Claire Danes for a long time. Before Homeland, before cry-face, and before Vogue started amputating her limbs, we loved that girl and her wobbly chin. In anticipation of Danes' return to the small screen next week and the release of her new film As Cool As I Am, we've been doing some reminiscing.
Sure, you remember My So-Called Life, Romeo + Juliet, and all those roles that made her a fixture of your childhood-poster collection. But for every Angela Chase, there are a dozen other roles she played back in the day that you probably forgot about. In some cases, that's okay. (Yes, The Mod Squad was a travesty, but you made mistakes in college, too.) And, there are some roles we were psyched to revisit. Claire has been a Hollywood fixture since she was 14 years old, and in that time, we've watched her grow into one of the greatest living actresses and ugly criers on earth. Click through for our favorite picks, unsung gems, and the occasional flop, with this chronological guide to early Danes.

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