Can Fashion Week Make You Feel Bad About Yourself?

embeddedPhotographed by Nina Westervelt.
When it comes to Fashion Week coverage, you'll often hear us say that "we can't wait to try the [fill in the blank] trend" or "we pre-ordered ours already!" But, not all showgoers see themselves in the clothes that debut on the runway, and that is exactly what writer Laura Beck expresses in her latest Jezebel article. To put it frankly, she says, "Fashion Week has made me feel like shit about myself."
What Beck explains is the result of being inundated with runway after runway of slim, tall, and impossibly perfect-looking ladies, leaving her to not only lack a connection, but ultimately (and more dangerously) begin to doubt herself. What this one writer explains is a reflection of a larger, long-time issue of lack of body diversity. And, hearing her firsthand account really hits home. After all, while many runway models may look similar, all women do not. At all.
Fashion, as a means to express and celebrate individuality, has instead left those who don't fit the "mold" to feel like they don't have a place, as Beck suggests. And, yes, this issue applies to diversity as a whole within the industry. Click over to read Beck's full account. (Jezebel)

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