The Essential GIFs For New Yorkers

embedPhoto: Courtesy of Atlantic Cities.
Even if you're a seasoned New Yorker who's all too familiar with the city's everyday obstacles — like sharing sidewalk space with seven gajillion other people and having to eat on a packed subway, there's always room for improvement. For example, did you know there's an underground passage between Rock Center and a nearby Chipotle so you can avoid harsh winter temps when fiending for a burrito? Or that there's a science to avoiding the smell of piled garbage? Luckily, illustrator Nathan Pyle has created a set of .GIFs to help tourists and locals alike navigate the city. And because .GIFs are basically our kryptonite, we couldn't help but share.
Pyle's illustrations show the best way to dodge the people handing out flyers on the street, as well as how to distinguish between the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings. He also addresses awkward topics, like how long you can make out on the subway platform before inciting the rage of others. Check out these .GIFs, because they're about to become the unofficial tourist manual for visiting NYC. (The Atlantic Cities)