The New iPhone 5C and 5S Are Here! And They’re Pretty

UPDATE: The new iPhone will be available for all on September 20, and for those who want to get it early, pre-ordering starts September 13. Sadly, the iPhone 5 is being retired, but the 4S will be free to upgrade if you want.
Today is iPhone day. Which means, we hear about the new iPhones that'll be released, and finally get confirmation on the 753 different rumors (that's not an exact number) that have been flying around. From colored iPhones to gold iPhones to that illustrious and supposed fingerprint reader, let's see what Apple has turned into reality. With iOS shipments hitting 700 million this month, the Apple iPhone ecosystem is huge...and only expanding. Today's announcement not only included a glimpse at a new operating system, but two new iPhones. The first was the iPhone 5C, a lower-priced, brightly colored model. The second (and more executive) of the two is the metallic iPhone 5S. Prepare to get jealous...and you might want to get in line now.