Breaking: Rihanna Makes A Run For Ben Affleck’s Batman Role

1Photo: REX USA/Beretta/Sims/Rex
Ever since Warner Brothers made the monumental announcement that crowned Ben Affleck the new Batman, the entertainment industry (and the Twittersphere) has been abuzz. Some are excited, some are confused, and some are just a little unsure that he'll be able to fill Christian Bale's shoes. But, while the rest of us are duking it out, Rihanna is ever-so-slyly edging her way into the position of Affleck's understudy.
Here she is in London, showing off her near-unattainable Dark Knight skills. She models the leather-clad look better than any Batman before her, and her cape is primed for a quick getaway. The hard-edged starlet is even decked out in combat boots and cat-eye sunglasses (a nod to Catwoman, perhaps?). It's time for Affleck to watch his back, people, because Rihanna is hot on those Batmobile's heels. After all, Batman may be the hero Gotham deserves, but Rihanna's the one it needs right now.

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