The Most Down-To-Earth Celeb, Ever?

It can't be that much fun to be pregnant, in the public eye, and walking the red carpet, which is the exact situation Kate Winslet found herself in over the weekend. Winslet made an appearance on the red carpet at the Toronto Film Festival and boy, did she nail it. The actress looked smokin' hot in a long navy silk gown at the premiere of her latest movie, Labor Day, and even took the time to talk candidly about her pregnancy and the issues she's faced keeping her weight in check: "I've been really good this pregnancy, partly because I was working in the beginning until about 20 weeks. I couldn't have it all go to my face.....I don't know how much I can be bothered to have to lose the weight. It's such a pain in the (expletive). I'm not one of those people for whom it magically drops off." While this writer hasn't experienced pregnancy quite yet, it is refreshing to hear a celebrity talk about weight gain and the issues they face with it, rather than the standard response,"I had a baby and was back in my skinny jeans in under two weeks." Ms. Winslet you are indeed a breath of fresh air. (USA Today)

Photo: REXUSA/ Media Punch Inc.

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