Zach Galifianakis Is Having A Baby — Surprise!

Despite the weirdness of his on-screen persona, Zach Galifianakis is known as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood (here's proof). That explains why our hearts melted all over the place when we heard that his wife, Quinn Lundberg, went into labor yesterday with the couple's first child.
If this is a total surprise to you, don't worry — the pair has always been very low profile. They never made any formal announcement about their wedding in 2012 or the pregnancy, though a variety of sources have confirmed it. Also, Lundberg is a co-founder of a charity called Growing Voices, which helps non-profits with sustainable, local development projects.
Galifianakis skipped the premiere of his new movie You Are Here at the Toronto International Film Festival yesterday when his baby mama went into labor, and apparently, it was a surprise even for his colleagues on set. Director Matthew Weiner told People that he "literally found out on Friday...Zach is going to be the best dad in the world." Well, we'd have to agree on that, though we would also note that he'll not only be the best, but the beard-iest Dad a kid could wish for. (People)