The Jolie-Pitt Kids Are Back And All Is Right In The World

R.I.P. summer 2013 it's been swell, but our favorite season is fast approaching, and we're not talking about fashion. Oh no, no, fall is about so much more than the clothes — fall means back to school. And among the many kiddos heading to the classroom are the Jolie-Pitt clan, and that means they're emerging from their summer castle in a far off land to hit the books (and reignite our devout fascination).
We simply can't deny the call of stylish multicultural herd. Maddox is a teen now, full of angst and shading the haters. Shiloh's the tomboy we wish we were, and the twins are a walking sartorial lesson in coordinated dressing. We'd be lying if we said our world didn't feel a little empty when they're away exploring some European mountain range and playing tag among intricately sculpted topiaries on a Mediterranean lawn. Thanks be to back-to-school season because the real life Brady Bunch has returned to make the world a little brighter (and fiercer thanks to Zahara). (The Frisky)