The Trailer For James Franco’s Palo Alto Is Pretty Creepy

Whether it’s Woody Allen’s
Blue Jasmine
flick, HBO’s upcoming Castro-focused series, or even The Real World's long-overdue return to S.F., we get pretty amped up when our neck of the woods gets a taste of Hollywood. So, drumroll...the latest Bay-based film hitting the big screen is Palo Alto, which will depict the stories adapted from James Franco’s tome of the same name.

Intrigued? Luckily, the trailer is already out and begging for us to press play. The racy clip shows Emma Roberts playing a 14-year-old babysitter, being seduced by Franco, the father of her charge. Yikes! And, that’s just a glimpse of this drama portraying privileged teens dabbling in sex, drugs, booze, and suicide. No word yet on when Palo Alto will be hitting theaters, but you can watch the teaser below to get your morning Franco fix — you know, in case you missed that televised Franco roast. (Daily Mail)

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