This iPhone App Is About To Make Our Lives Easier

embedwwPhoto: Courtesy of WunWun.

The dream of a world where we can all afford personal assistants to run our errands and bring us anything we want, on demand, is getting closer to reality than ever before. A new iPhone app called WunWun is about to streamline our lives with a service that picks up and delivers items from any store in Manhattan,
for free.
Need a new pair of Levi's but don't have time to run out and grab them? No worries, WunWun will take care of it. Run out of orange juice right before you have guests over for brunch? Yeah, WunWun will pick that up, too. WunWun will also offer a carrier service for items not from a store, like dry cleaning or food from a restaurant that doesn't deliver for $20. Between our hectic work week and over-booked weekend calendar, this is one app we'll definitely be downloading.