Chances Are You Share The Same Addiction As Julia Restoin-Roitfeld

Hello, my name is Emily London and I’m an online-shopping addict. I shop (well, play shopping-trolley roulette) most days. I’m not ashamed of my habit, as it seems I’m in rather good company, as Julia Restoin-Roitfeld has just revealed she loves an Internet shopping splurge, too. In Matches Fashion’s newly revamped The Style Report, she reveals, “I'm addicted to online shopping. I do it while Romy's sleeping, when I'm in the office.” Now that is real dedication.
The freelance art director also reveals what it is like having a fashion editor as a mother: "We were only allowed vanilla ice-cream, never chocolate or berry flavours, in case our clothes got stained." And don’t think her childhood wardrobe was filled with runway creations, either, “She never dressed us in labels, she didn't want us to be defined by brands — ironic but true!” Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, online-shopper, enforced vanilla ice-cream fanatic, and non-fashion brand wearer, I salute you. (Vogue)
Photo: Via Vogue.

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