Lena Dunham Gets Body Positive In Marie Claire

Lena Dunham has been harshly targeted for showing her nude body on Girls, yet somehow has managed to keep a positive attitude. She has also done a pretty good job of picking through the valid criticism of her show and disregarding the less helpful stuff. Yesterday, on Instagram, Dunham posted a photo of her new Marie Claire cover and demonstrated once again that she's willing to address the body image debate head-on, this time with a sultry cover-girl face smile.
Along with the gorgeous cover shot, she gave a shout out to Erdem for designing the dress: "Have to thank my beloved @erdemlondon for making me this dress for the cover of UK Marie Claire. It is such a relief to be dressed by a designer who doesn't feel that women sizes 4 and up belong in a belted sack. Thank you, sweet Erdem, for knowing we don't want to look like a gang of art teachers. And thank you, Marie Claire, for thinking a little twisted."
First of all, Erdem, do you think you could just go ahead and make a few more copies of that dress for yours truly? Because it is gorgeous. Second, Lena's smoky eye and slightly grown-out pixie look amazing. And third, thank you for boldly stating what has been in the hearts of many, many shoppers for a long time. Good job all around.

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