Tom Binns Hates Fashion & Other Revelations

We've long been fans of Tom Binns' jewelry, which oozes as much attitude as it does a sense of well-curated personal style. But it's only just now that we've grown to admire the man himself, since Editorialist has unlocked the mystique of Binns' inner workings.
Ultimately, the guy has no fear: "I fucking hate fashion; it's shite. I don't like the magazines. I don't like the people who are running [fashion]. I don't like most of the people who are in it and I don't think it's very creative. I think it's an art of power and a really hollow enterprise. It's all about the power of mediocrity." And it's not just talk; Binns walks the walk, too.
According to the Editorialist article, he's basically unsearchable, with no "social media" presence to speak (or tweet) of. He's not impressed with copycat fashion, and is spending time focusing on "mounting an exhibit of his one-off creations." He says, "These are pieces that they can't copy... It would be nice to show these works to people and tell them to fuck off, you know?" Of course, it's not all swear words and criticisms; he is impressed that Michelle Obama has rocked his jewelry because it "isn't formal, it's was great that she was adventurous enough to wear it." Click through to see some of his work and read more about the BAMF of bling on Editorialist.

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