Lena Dunham And Kate Spade Saturday Are Perfect For Each Other

Lena Dunham's social media presence is something we've come to covet. Her blunt perspective and raw honesty when it comes to, well, everything, fuels our ever-present daydream that we're BFFs. She'd be the perfect super-cool-totally-not-Starbucks coffee date, and would probably offer her fair share of feminist perspective at a post-movie drink date. And, despite her pretty run-of-the-mill wardrobe on Girls, she's probably an awesome shopping partner.
Case in point: her Kate Spade Saturday #selfie. How Dunham didn't know about one of our go-to closet staples is beyond us (girl, let us help you!), but we're so glad those two have met. "It's cute, fairly cheap and now my dress will match my shoes forevermore," she said. No truer words were ever spoken, except for maybe her next thought: "Btw this ain't no sponsored 'gram. Can't even believe I have to say that but we are living in an age... #internetshopping #4lyfe."
Scratch our previous daydream about shopping together. Online shopping with Lena Dunham sounds so much more appealing. Why publicly participate in the ever-growing capitalist environment when we can do it privately (and laugh at cats) together?
Photo: via Instagram / @lenadunham.

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