How To Take A Really Good Instagram Video

Don't lie: Since Instagram launched its video functionality back in June, how many Instagram videos have you made worth posting? One? Two? Or — more likely — zero? We get it. Taking a pretty video (with or without a filter) is so much harder than just shooting a still snap, and you've seen enough badly shot, super-boring videos from some Instagram pic veterans to know that video operates on a different set of rules. We asked our own Instagram powerhouse, Piera Gelardi, to clue us into her golden rules for shooting your videos. Click through for the eight ways to ace those shots that are worth a double tap.
Create A Story — If you've got some fun props and some willing friends, you can stage a silly short with a simple storyline. The trick is to think about the narrative in three shorts: the establishing shot, the zoom, and the reaction.

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Set The Scene At Shows — When you're at a concert of a show, it's easy to want to just film the main act, but sometimes what's going on in the crowd is just as arresting. Shoot yourself, your neighbors, and the setting to really capture the event. Pro tip: The black-and-white filter gives shows a really retro quality we love!

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Take Advantage Of Sun Spots — Sometimes when you're shooting a pic of a scene and facing the sun, and notice that you're getting sun spots and flares...take a video instead. Pan slowly downward or sideways to get a cinematic shot that feels epic and romantic.

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Try Stop Motion — Have a fun product you want to show off in a special way? Try a stop-motion video. Make sure you have a buddy to move the object, as you keep your phone in the same place, or employ a flat, raised surface to ensure that you're getting a stone-still shot.

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Switch Up Your Perspectives — Don't think you're rooted to the ground. If you've got time (or friends who'll delay their stunts a few seconds so you can scramble to a better vantage point), consider shooting one activity from different locations.

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Mimic A Professional Dolly — Whether you're on a moving walkway, a skateboard, a car, or an escalator (like Piera was in the case of this epic Atlantic City shot), a smooth vehicle will give you a dolly-like shot that makes panoramas more interesting.

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Choose A Good Cover Frame — The cover frame is Instagram video's version of a first impression. Make sure you have a cover shot that would work by itself as a photo. Once your followers see the "Play" arrow on the center, it'll only be the icing on the cake!

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Bubbles Make Everything Better! — This isn't as much a tip as a personal preference, but Piera loves a good bubble shot. Follow a few lazy bubbles as they make their way skyward, or stand in a windy location and let 'er rip — it's always fun to watch!

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