This New App Will Help You Report Cat Callers

Call it offensive, call it a nuisance, call it blatant sexual harassment — either way, cat calls are no fun on the receiving end. As far as those who are doling out the whistles, we have no comment. But, we will say that the average person who objectifies someone else out loud, based on his or her looks, isn't exactly our favorite kind of person. Now, however, thanks to a new app — and support from NYC City Council speaker Christine Quinn — you can start taking matters into your own hands (literally!).
According to The Cut, the aptly-named Hollaback allows you to report harassment from your palm in real time, planting a flag at the exact location of the cat call. The result is a map of all the incidents across the city — and you have the option of sending your report straight through to the Mayor's office. While flagging a cat call won't send the cops or anything similar, it helps to "engage legislators to work with trained leaders" on a community safety audit, according to app creator Emily May. In short, if we all start taking even a small stand against street whistlers and other nuisances, it will force the city to recognize and address blatant sexism. The app is only available to New Yorkers at this point, but we won't be surprised if Hollaback starts popping up all over the country. (The Cut)
oPhoto: Via The Cut

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