Adam Levine's Clothing Line Goes For A Hands-On Image

It's been a few years in the making, but Adam Levine's 222 clothing and accessory line will soon be available online and at Kmart. The website Shop Your Way has made the design process a collaborative effort between Adam, the design team, and his fans (who have chances to win some pretty sweet deals if they participate). In an effort to push a more organic image, Levine brought the camera crew to meetings to show the doubters he's not just a pretty face on TV or behind the mic. Whatever really happened behind the scenes, he's selling himself as a bona fide creative partner.
Based on the videos Shop Your Way has released, Levine has had a hand in everything from hat stitching to the labels themselves, as the newest installment reveals. To his credit, he urged his design team to emphasize the 222, and reduce his name to a kind of afterthought on the label. While we've been skeptical of his design philosophy in the past, Levine's clearly aiming to be the anomaly of the whole celebrity designer stereotype. Just how well his vision has been executed will be decided this fall.
Photo: Courtesy of Shop Your Way.

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